Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I was asked to paint this wooden duck to look like a wood duck, so I used these top 2 images to help. 
I've never painted on wood before, but i'm always up for a new challenge. 
Thanks to the Doucets : )

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This was a special Christmas gift for our awesome Pastor. He loves Rocky & he loves this quote. This quote has inspired many of us in our everyday lives.
He LOVED the painting!
 We are truly grateful for our Pastor & it warmed our hearts to know he felt blessed by our gift. To know that we put a smile in his heart in the way that he so often does to ours was truly priceless to us : )

I had a request to do a framed painting for a baby photo shoot. This came out really cute, but not as PRECIOUS as Darby III. He is absolutely adorable! : )       (2011)

I did this painting for some great friends of ours. I was asked to decorate the cake table & thought the painting was a great accessory to the ensemble & a token that they could keep for years to come. This was a lot of fun : )     (2011)

This painting I did for my niece Audrey, to match her room : )    (2011)

These are some sketches I did for St Luke Simpson Church. (2011)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

These are some paintings that a friend asked me to do for personalized Christmas gifts for all of her family. She wanted to give sentimental gifts this year.
Thanks Teri! = )
Our "Hollyday" Shopping Event at Heritage Square was a lot of fun! We had such a great variety of gifts! Thanks to all who came out to make it a success. It was extremely special for me to have my nanny join us!
A surprise gift I've done for a new friend. Her baby boy has stolen my heart. He is more precious than words can say & he is truly a miracle! Thank You Jesus!